Personal Psalms (from the Praying the Psalms retreat)

Personal Psalms

One of the exercises that was done by the attendees was to try and write a Psalm.  It could take any format and could be any length.  Below you will find a few of the ones that were written and shared with the group.

A Psalm for Today

Oh River of My Soul, My Home ~Photo: Long Lonely road
hear my cries.
The road has been long
& my heart is weary.

‘Broken but for God’
I seek rest in Your Presence.
‘Bring me home’,
my constant cry.

Your Steadfast Love Encircles Me …

  • carried by so many, in prayer
  • in kindness by stranger & fellow, alike
  • the breathing heart of nature & mystery
  • draws me towards the light I don’t yet see
  • Your quiet, reassuring words linger.

I break, and ask You to end my suffering,
and You Do.

Your Spirit fills me.
Your Love renews me.
I find rest in Your Presence.

May I abide in You
all my days.

Loved by Your Whole Heart ~
Loved with my Whole Heart ~

Your Love, the Light unto my path.

Betsy P


O God, how wonderful you are.
Your imagination is too vast to perceive.
You who created the hummingbird and the bull elephant,
The giant redwoods and the tiny buttercup.

Photo: Storm

We see your majesty in the warmth of the sun,
the power of a storm and the comfort of a breeze.
With us you’ve shared a sliver of that imagination
so we could discern how to tame fire and take a walk on the moon.

From the simplest lullaby to the paintings of the masters
to the carving of Mount Rushmore,
our efforts reflect so poorly the beauty of a meadowlark’s song,
the grandeur of a sunset, or the complexity of the Grand Canyon.

God, grant that our eyes be ever open
to the wondrous paradise you have created for us,
that we may respect and revere it all the days of our lives.

Wayne L

It is dawn. God you are there listening for the cry of our hearts.
The seagull lands on the rock. The waves crash all around her.
She stretches her neck skyward.Photo: Seagulls
She opens her beak inhaling the emptiness of the morning air.
Her loud cry to you is carried on the waves to your listening ear.

You send her an angel who swoops down and lands beside her on the rock.
Her trust in you is renewed. You heard the cry of her heart.

But she is afraid and bites the one you sent.
But your angel does not fly away but forgives with each bite
Until the heart has opened to receive your love.
She is shocked by her response to your messenger and ponders your message.
Her heart is light having received your love.
Her burdens are washed away with the waves.

The morning air is filled with joy.
The universe laughs because you are a playful, steadfast God,
bringing delight to those who have eyes to see.

 Susan L


Dear God,
You work in mysterious ways.
But I love you, and I will always be grateful for you.
You carefully watched as I suffered and wept for months.

Photo:Amy H PsalmssAll the while you knew
you would eventually help me come out stronger on the other side.

When I felt I could no longer stand and support myself,
you gave my legs the strength to stand and carry me.

When I was panicked and desperately seeking a pocket of air to fill my lungs,
you gave me breath.

When I was at my lowest low and looking deep into the dark forest for answers,
you could no longer stand to watch and hear me cry out for help.

You knew I could suffer no more.

It was then that you cradled me in the palm of your hand
to protect me and let me feel the warmth of your love.
You placed your hand beneath my chin, forcing me to look up to your Heavens.
There, you showed me your heart, and you sent me an angel.

You were there for me when I didn’t even know I needed you.
You showed yourself to me when I wasn’t even looking for you.
You gave me what I needed at the exact time I needed it the most:
comfort, love, and the security of knowing I wasn’t alone.

Mostly, you helped me see what had been right in front of me all along…


 Amy H

God my God, I thank you for the gift of silence.

Sometimes it restores my soul.
Sometimes it is lonely
and I long to hear the sound of music.
My heart calls to you to hear your voicePhoto: Dot W Psalm
in the silence that engulfs me.

Tune my ears so that I can rejoice
in the hymns and songs of praise by your people.
Open my ears and my mouth
so that I can join in singing your praises
with a happy heart.

Consider and hear the cries of your servant.
Answer me out of your loving kindness.

Amen and Amen.

 Dot L