Our Purpose

Our Purpose at St. Matthew’s

The Mission of the Church

The mission of the church is
to grow disciples of Jesus Christ
who transform the world with God’s love.

A Vision of Discipleship

A disciple is someone who is seeking to follow Jesus.
In community with other disciples, touched by God’s grace,
we open our hearts to the Spirit
through disciplines of prayer, study, worship, mercy, justice and service,
to embody God’s love as the Body of Christ,
for the transformation of the world.

A Vision for our Life and Ministry

St. Matthew’s is a community of faith and love, helping each other grow as disciples of Jesus to change the world with God’s love. Everything we do is a study and practice of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Christ. Following John Wesley, we commit ourselves to spiritual practices her called the “means of grace.” We root our lives and work in prayer. We study scripture and share our struggles, questions, doubts, challenges and discoveries together. We extend Jesus’ radical hospitality to all, meeting each person where they are, offering safety, welcome and belonging to friends and strangers alike. We worship together, engaging body, heart, mind and soul, connecting with one another, with God and all Creation. We care for one another and extend that care to those beyond the church, especially those most neglected, marginalized or at risk. We witness and work for justice, changing unjust social structures and systems. In all we do we are open to the guidance, unity and power of the Holy Spirit.