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Baptized into Christ

Baptized “into Christ,” we become part of Christ’s life instead of our own self-made lives, as if we are living under an assumed identity. But actually our self-made identity is the false one. Baptism proclaims our true identity: we are God’s beloved.

Advent mystery: Unspoken longings

Though we usually want to be distracted from our deepest longings, they are actually the heart of our faith. We live by hope: trust in a promise of something deeper yet to come, that, even though it may feel like a “lack,” is actually a strength that gives us life and opens us to God.

Christ the King

What does the term “Jesus the King” say to you?
Jesus’ kingship is not about privileges and status. The Servant King was showing us that there are so many powerful forces better than authorities, such as love, caring, or forgiveness.