What about our kids?

What about our energetic kids?

We love ‘em. Kids are a part of life, part of the community. Bring them. If a baby gets cranky you can go to a “family room” off the sanctuary so you can see and hear without others hearing your baby. Or get up and walk around in back.

We have a small, comfortable area in the back of the church for kids to take a break from sitting so formally.  There is a small table and chairs for quiet coloring or reading, as well as a few beanbag seats.  Photo: Kids' Corner in the Sanctuary

We also have nursery care during worship and Sunday School (9:10 to 10:15).

For kids ages 4-7 there’s Kid’s Clubhouse, an alternative time during most of the worship service. (They leave after the Children’s Time and return for Communion or the end of the service.)

If it’s your husband who’s being obnoxious, well, that’s up to you to deal with.