Welcome to Saint Matthew’s United Methodist Church

Grace and Peace to you.
At some level we’re all hungry for authentic life–for love and wisdom and a gentle community in which we can become the people we’re created to be. St. Matthew’s offers that. We’re here to change the world with God’s love.

Here you will find open acceptance, deep hospitality, and warm joy at your presence. You will find a home of safety and belonging regardless of your place in life, your journey of faith, your gifts or your struggles. You won’t find people who are holier than you—just companions on the road who delight in company. Our hope is to help you to become more mindful of God’s grace in your life, to discover how God is working through you, and to be the light of God in your daily life by sharing whatever gifts the Spirit gives you. We will affirm you and challenge you. We’ll pray for you. We’ll help you to live as authentically as Jesus did, in your own way, living out your faith in your daily life. Our calling is not to impose doctrine on you or to make you more like us, but to surround you with respect, faith, honesty, healing, and wisdom so that you can be free with God. Everybody’s welcome—gay and straight, liberal and conservative, all together and falling apart. We do all this in God’s love for the whole world, every bit of it, and every person in it.

Even if you visit no more than this web page, I pray that God’s grace will surround you.

Deep Blessings,
Pastor Steve
You can see our Welcome video below: