Marie Joseph Spiritual Center

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center

Spiritual Life Retreat March 16-18, 2018:
The Peace of Christ:
The Gift of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

We share the Peace of Christ every week in worship. In God’s grace we are at peace with God and one another, and with ourselves. But that Peace doesn’t come easily. What is the “Peace of Christ?” What does it mean for us to seek it? How do we open ourselves to it? This retreat will give us sacred time and space to be mindful of the forgiveness and reconciliation we seek with God, with others and maybe especially with ourselves. Join us for a contemplative weekend of prayer, sharing and dwelling in the Spirit’s Peace, at a Catholic Retreat center by the sea in Biddeford Pool, Maine. All adults and mature teens are welcome. The retreat will begin Friday evening, March 16 and end at noon Sunday March 18.

The cost for the church is $225 per person. You may pay that amount, or more or less, depending on your needs and resources. Since we need to make a deposit with the Marie Joseph Center, we ask for a $100 deposit as soon as you can make it. (But we’ll accept you any time!) To register click on a link below. To learn more see Pastor Steve or our Lay Leader Susan LaSante (susan.lasante at, 978-501- 6484)

Nestled along Maine’s southern coast, Marie Joseph Spiritual Center, owned and operated by the Congregation of the Presentation of Mary, offers a spiritual haven for many.  Refreshment for spirit, mind and body is available for persons seeking a sacred space, silence, healing and a deeper relationship with their God.  The Center’s sustaining inspiration and zeal find their roots in that of the Congregation’s foundress, Blessed Marie Rivier, whose desire was “to make Jesus Christ known, loved and to light the fire of God’s love everywhere”.


Date: March 16, 2018

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