UMC Market – Painlessly Supporting Saint Matthew’s

The United Methodist Church has a program where a percentage of what you spend online, on purchases you would make anyway, can be sent to Saint Matthew’s.  Called UMC Market, it has partnered with over 600 online retailers to provide a reward to the ministry of your choice (hopefully you will choose Saint Matthew’s!).

Participating retailers have agreed to donate a portion of purchases (amount varies by retailer) to the ministries selected by their customers.  At the end of every month, if the total being held for your ministry, from everyone, is more than $100, a check is sent out in the total amount.  If less than $100 is being held, then the amount continues to roll over until at least $100 is reached.
According to the UMC Market website, in December 2013 alone, nearly $26,000 was donated back as church members used the online service.

In order to participate, all you need to do is provide your name and an email address.  No credit card information is required to sign up to use the program. (Promotion code is also not necessary).  Just go to and click on the red Get Started button and create an account.

The rewards can be accessed in two different ways:

  • Install their Easy Give button icon.  Essentially, it is an icon (looks like the UMC symbol) that gets added to your web browser, and any time you are at one of the retailers that participates, the icon turns green, and a percentage of your purchase will go to the ministry you have indicated.

To download the button, go to

  • Or begin your shopping at,Search for your store at the top, or select the store you want to shop at from the Featured list or under the Shopping category.  This method will work whether you are using a desktop or laptop computer, as well as for a mobile device (phone or tablet).  In the stores boxes, you can see what percentage of your purchase will be sent to your chosen ministry.

For more information, go to the UMC Market’s Frequently Asked Questions page at:

Finally, you need to pick the ministry you want to support. If you want to choose Saint Matthew’s (and we hope you will), search for  “Acton MA.”

That’s it! Start shopping and supporting Saint Matthew’s (or the ministry of your choice)!
Remember; if the logo is green, you are ready to contribute a portion of your purchase.  Red means attention is needed.

If you are going to shop online anyway, why not benefit Saint Matthew’s as well?  And if you like it, tell your friends!

Please, keep in mind that most orders purchased with a coupon code or other promotion will generally void the donation. The stores consider this “double dipping.”