How Saint Matthew’s made a difference in 2017

Thank You to St. Matthew’s
from the Mission, Outreach, and Advocacy Team (MOA)

In 2017, you, the generous people of St. Matthew’s, contributed over $32,000 to 24 worthwhile causes.  Four of these are organizations with which St. Matthew’s maintains “covenant relationships,” that is we promise to support them each year.  These are our Nicaragua dental missionary Belinda Forbes, Boston Share Network, Bread for the World, and Hagar’s Sisters.  In addition, (mostly through fuel jars, the Festival of Sharing, and offerings from the Immigration Breakfasts and Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), we supported

  • A Friend in Need
  • Acton Community Supper
  • Boston Homeless Kids
  • Concord Prison Outreach
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Heifer International
  • Household Goods
  • Justice for Our Neighbors
  • PAIR (Political Assylum/ Immigration Representation) Project
  • Red Bird Mission
  • Slum Child Foundation (Kenya)
  • Zimbabwe sewing project

In addition, you contributed to five special offerings (Human Relations Sunday, One Great Hour of Sharing, Native American Sunday, Peace with Justice, and Worldwide Communion), and we paid Mission Shares to the conference totaling over $52,000.

Of course, money is not the only way we all help.  There are countless hours that not just MOA but all the teams and individuals in St. Matthew’s contribute to make sure we’re doing our part to help people in need in our community and the wider world.  A few of the many projects in 2017 included these:

  • We held our second Festival of Sharing.
  • The immigration study group held several “immigration Learning Breakfasts” and supported advocacy for the immigrants and the Safe Communities Act in Massachusetts.
  • We made and sent to Zimbabwe re-usable sanitary pads so girls don’t miss days at school.
  • We continued First Sunday is Food Sunday, our monthly delivery of groceries to three local food pantries; we thank those who have contributed food items, helped sort, and delivered each month.

Thanks!  Please talk to any member of MOA if you have comments or questions, or if you’d like to consider joining this active and vital team.

— Betsy Comstock, Chair of St. Matthew’s Mission, Outreach, and Advocacy Team (MOA).  Other members of our great team in 2017 included Ann Drumm, Wayne LaSante, Amy Mikkola, Lynne Osborn, Peggy Papanastassiou, Clelia Solis, Sara Wagg, and Dot Werst.