Justice For Our Neighbors

Image: Justice for our neighbors logo

Justice For Our Neighbors is an interfaith organization dedicated to serving the immigrant communities in the United States.   With local branches (or clinics) in Woburn and Springfield, MA as well as in Portland Maine, the New England JfON is part of a nation wide program of 50 clinics.  Their mission and vision statements (see below) along with more information can be found on their website at http://www.newenglandjfon.org/.  Information about the national program can be found at http://njfon.org/


Our Mission: Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON) is a faith-driven ministry, welcoming immigrants into our churches and communities by providing free, high-quality immigration and legal services, education, and advocacy.

Our Vision: “New England JFON is recognized as an effective justice-oriented resources for providing hospitable, compassionate and high-quality, legal services for immigrants. Through our work with immigrants, participating volunteers, and congregants, we also transform our culture’s understanding of sensitivity to immigrant issues.