Rebuilding Together Boston

Rebuilding Together Boston

Rebuilding Together Boston workers

On Saturday, April 25th,  nine of us traveled to Hyde Park, to work on Barbara’s home.  We, along with about two dozen others worked on her yard, fencing, and porch and repainted her living room and dining room.  While the day began a bit chilly, we were quickly warmed by the work and the camaraderie of working to help out a person who needed some help.  Although we returned home with tired bodies, our souls felt refreshed.

Listed below are comments from some of the participants.
Wayne L

The day spent working with other volunteers for Rebuilding Together, Boston turned out to be productive, satisfying and fun.  And the hot shower at the end of the day never felt better!  The nine of us from St. Matthew’s joined dozens of other volunteers and it was fun to get to know some of them as we painted, pulled weeds, planted flowers, refurbished the lawn and watched a new fence being set up.  An added bonus was to share the delight of the homeowner, Barbara, as she watched the to-do list getting done.  It certainly compensated for a few aching muscles.

In spite of some early concerns about how much I would be able to contribute, I found the site work had been well planned, made good use of our time, and offered a range of jobs to fit our skills and physical abilities.  Also, there was a clear concern for the safety of the crew.   If we participate next year, I will certainly participate if I can and hope we can bring even more volunteers from St. Matthew’s.
Lynne O.

I enjoyed our project with Rebuilding Together Boston.  It was great working with other members from our church and also others from various organizations.  I think everyone was younger and came with great enthusiasm.  Barbara, whose house we worked on, was very appreciative and couldn’t get over having flowers to enjoy! Thanks so much to Susan and Wayne for organizing this.
Peggy M.

I speak for both Quince and myself when I say that we enjoyed helping somebody in need and working with people that come together for the same purpose. There was a general bonhomie throughout the day. It was fun working with others from St. Matthew’s and getting to know people from elsewhere, whether it was sporadic chit chat across the room or a side by side conversation with a co-painter (next to you, above you, and in some cases, below you!).

 It’s kind of amazing to see 30 people show up at 8:30 am to update a house in a day. People of any skill set can be involved as there is really something for everyone.
Peggy P.

Are you ever like me, when you look back on a day and wonder what difference did you make in the world today?  Well that was not the case on Saturday when I spent the day  with 30 other people refurbishing Barbara’s house in Hyde Park.  I worked side by side with people from St. Matthew’s as well as strangers who were willing to give of their time and talents to help out someone they had never met.  Being somewhat new to St. Matthew’s, it was a real gift to get to know others just a little better.  Sometimes you learn more about a person painting elbow to elbow than you do sitting in worship together.  Want to make a difference in the world while strengthening our faith community? Sign up for the next hands on mission opportunity at St. Matthew’s.
Susan L.