Boston Share Network

     St. Matthew’s supports Boston Share Network (BSN) in their work with nine Boston shelters. Shelter advocates and BSN members meet to share information and assess shelter needs. Out of this dialogue, BSN started three funds:  the Household Moving Assistance Fund, the “You Are SomeBody ID” Fund and the Transportation Fund.

  • The Household Moving  Assistance Fund was started after they learned that people who get their own housing were often sleeping on the floor  because they had no furniture. BSN assists with moving costs for a person to visit a furniture bank, such as Household Goods, select the things they need, and have the furniture delivered.
  • BSN started the ID Fund after they learned that many people cannot pay the $25 fee for a Massachusetts ID.  Everyone needs an ID for getting a job, signing a lease and cashing a check.
  • The Transportation Fund helps with transportation costs of getting to a new job, doctor’s appointment or family visits.

In addition to these funds BSN provides a myriad of things such as flash drives, ear buds, toiletries, clothing, shoes, CD players for art therapy, yarn, and art supplies.

BSN is a 501 (c) (3) organization, started in 2004 by Dorothy and Len Werst, charter members of St. Matthew’s.

For more information visit their web site at or find them on Facebook at