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In 2010, Tree of Lives and Nazareth Hospital, located about 15 miles outside of Nairobi, Kenya, pooled their resources to open Joy Children’s Village, a family-modeled orphanage to care for abandoned, abused and neglected children of Kenya.  Currently there are forty-three children at Joy Village, in seven “families”, each consisting of a “mama” and seven to ten children, each family living in a separate condominium.

Joy Village Home
Joy Village

Tree of Lives supports the Holy Family Center, a stand-alone HIV/AIDS clinic on the grounds of Nazareth Hospital and over the years has also helped add many programs to serve the sick and poverty-stricken citizens of Kenya.

Susan LaSante has traveled with Tree of Lives several times, helping in many ways, including working to improve the educational opportunities for the children, comforting and visiting those in Nazareth Hospital as well as visiting some of the nearly 4000 people with HIV or AIDS that are being supported by the Holy Family clinic.

Tree of Lives is a mission program based out of the First Presbyterian Church, in Norfolk,VA. For more information, click here.