Imagine No Malaria

FireworksGreat news!!

St. Matthew’s has reached and exceeded our goal of $10,000.00 towards the United Methodist Imagine No Malaria Campaign! THANK YOU to the amazing efforts of everyone at St. Matthew’s of all ages! We set out reach our goal but St. Matthew’s spirit and generosity brought us beyond our goal, to the amount of $15,766.00. Wow, that is 150% of our goal!!

If you would like to contribute towards this worthwhile, worldwide effort, you may contribute online to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) Advance #3021190 (click here), or write a check and place it in the offering plate with the INM Advance number in the memo line. 100% of each gift reaches the Imagine No Malaria campaign. Please remember to credit St. Matthew’s when donating online.



For nearly two centuries, the people of The United Methodist Church have been engaged in partnership with our brothers and sisters in Africa. This is the very fabric of who we are as United Methodists—healing the sick and helping those in need (Matthew 10:8).  Since 2006 United Methodists have been engaged in the effort to end death from malaria.

To date, more than $60 million has been raised . “Imagine No Malaria” has awakened the church to what disciples of Jesus can do to transform the world.

UMCOR (the United Methodist Committee on Relief) does the majority of the work for Imagine No Malaria, so all donations go directly to our work in Africa. UMCOR is a well-known and well-respected deliverer of relief and development throughout the world and is committed to a sustainable practice of ending deaths from malaria.

There are 4 areas of focus for Imagine No Malaria:

  •  Bed Nets – distributing insecticide treated nets
  • Communication – Delivering lifesaving messages via radio announcement
  • Treatment – Improving diagnosis, case management and access to medication.
  • Education – Training a grassroots network of community health workers.

You can find out more about the United Methodist Church’s initiative at http://imagine no

Another website that discusses the UMC’s participation in this campaign is the UMC’s New England Conference’s page found at

This commitment to fight malaria is the single largest mission ever undertaken by The United Methodist Church. Together, we are changing lives. Saint Matthews is doing its part to help eradicate this disease.  Let us know if you would like to help, by contacting Jenn Mikkola, Peggy Papanastassiou, Susan Zuckerman, or Beth Garnaas-Holmes.