Girl’s Night Out

girls night out glogo

Get to know each other better . . . catch up on what’s new . . . share challenges and faith . . . exchange views and ideas . . .

Because December is so busy, we are not gathering this month.  But the 2018 schedule is being developed and will be announced as soon as possible:



  • Dinner gatherings at 6:30 pm:  We will continue the pattern of rotating days from month to month to accommodate people with standing commitments.
  • Lunch gatherings at noon:  In addition to Saturday, we will designate a weekday or two based on feedback we have received.

Expect the unexpected:  No one has time to track RSVP’s and make reservations, so we have to keep it simple.  This means it is possible that you may be the only person who shows up — unless you are proactive: Plan ahead of time to come with someone else. Or join the email list, let others know you intend to go, and see what replies say. Or bring a book to read if you’re the only one.  Or get takeout and enjoy your meal back at home.  By far, though, we average 4-8 people which makes for a wonderful time together.

 These gatherings are not complete without some new faces.  If you haven’t managed to get to one yet, just come!  You will be welcomed and appreciated.  No rsvp’s, we’re keeping it simple.  Questions?  Contact Sue Weber 978.456.0246 or sueweberofharvard@gmail.comInvite your friends, neighbors, co-workers; moms have been known to bring their daughters.  Strengthen your connection to God’s sweet love!