Girl’s Night Out

girls night out glogoWhat’s this, you ask?  Well, how would you like to have one evening a month where someone else makes dinner (a restaurant), and you have uninterrupted conversation with other women from St Matthew’s?  Get to know each other better . . . catch up on what’s new . . . exchange views and ideas . . . share challenges and faith? 

This has been scheduled for a different day each month and a different week each year so that hopefully one way or another you’ll be able to come as often as possible.  The GNOs are scheduled through June so you can get those dates on your calendar.  The restaurant will be different each time so that we can get better acquainted with the various communities in which we live.  We need your recommendations – as Methodists we enjoy good food at an affordable price and a place quiet enough that we can hear each other!  If your finances won’t stretch far enough to include a dinner out, just let Sue Weber know (she’s a preacher’s kid so she can be trusted to keep it confidential); we sure don’t want that to be a barrier to your participation – God will provide!  Just show up!

Invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers . . . anyone whose life might be enriched by our communal love!  If you have any questions please contact Sue Weber at or 978.456.0246.  Woo hoo!  God bless you!