Fifty Shades of Faith

Scripture comes alive when we continuously listen, question, release obstacles, and embrace that which facilitates us being the people God calls us to be.

Are you looking for ways to live your belief with passion and conviction while remaining open and flexible to what God is saying?  Fifty Shades of Faith is a new discussion and prayer group for individuals seeking to examine Christianity, entertain doubt, share perspectives, and experience personal faith within a small intentional community.  We will explore relevant topics thru the perspectives of modern, contemporary, and current Christian writers, using the book Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith by Rob Bell as an initial platform.  Discussion and prayer will focus on understanding variations in scriptural interpretations and wrestling with the utility and application of these ideas in our lives.

Fifty Shades of Faith meets every other Friday, from 7:30  to 8:45 A.M.