The Jesus Table

The Jesus Table

Jesus was famous for his table fellowship. He was “known in the breaking of the bread.”   He was always sharing meals, turning water to wine, creating food where there was none, telling stories about feasts, inviting himself over for lunch—quite the party guy.  But it doesn’t seem to be just the food that got people’s attention.  It was the way he fed souls and bodies at the same time, the way he created community and connected people with God around the table.  And after his death his followers created a new community—gathered not at the altar of the temple, but around somebody’s kitchen table, where “they broke bread at home, and ate their food with glad and generous hearts” (Acts 2.46).

We look forward to sharing such an experience on Sunday, April 22, after the 10:30 worship.  We’ll share at the Jesus Table—not exactly a potluck, or a worship service, or a prayer meeting, or a party, but kind of all of those things. It’s a meal, for sure, where we’ll worship, sing, pray and share together.  We’re inviting God, who has already RSVP’d.  And there will be chocolate.

Everybody’s invited, including newcomers and strangers.  You can sign up at the link below, especially if you want to bring some food.  But you don’t have to bring food.  You don’t even have to sign up.  (It just helps us guess how much food to bring.) Just show up and share.  Knowing the power of God’s grace, and the miracles that happen under God’s care, we’re suspecting good things will happen at the Jesus Table.  Whatever it is, it will be good.  Come join us!

Please sign up at

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