Lenten prayer opportunities

During Lent we’re offering a lot of ways to be in prayer, alone and together.  Join us in practicing our faith!

40 days with Jesus. You can receive a brief scripture and prayer by either email or text every day, and join with others who are reading and praying the same scriptures. Those who participate will also be invited to pray for each other.  Again, you can invite others beyond St. Matthew’s to be part of this, and they will be included in our prayers.  If you want to participate, click here.

Prayer booklet.  Reflecting on the Way is a booklet of devotions written, drawn or submitted by St. Matthew’s’ members, for you to use in your personal devotions. You can share the booklet with others beyond the church, and they can be part of our prayer life too!
Wednesday prayers. Wednesdays at noon or at 7 p.m., gather in the Sanctuary for brief prayer and meditation.

Prayer wall.  In the main hallway write a prayer on a tag and hang it on the wall.  Look at the prayer tags and pray for them: they are opportunities to share prayers of others, including people outside the church.

Prayer partners.  If you choose you can be paired up with a prayer partner to pray for every day during Lent. If you are interested email Pastor Steve.

Prayer tree.  If you have a prayer request click here  and your prayer will be shared with a prayer team.

Prayer acolytes.  During the postlude at the close of worship you can join a prayer acolyte at either rear corner of the sanctuary who will share in prayer with you.

Prayer class.   An adult Sunday School class, facilitated by pastor Steve, will experience various forms of prayer together and share our reflections. Sundays, 9:15 a.m. in the downstairs classroom.

Prayer Retreat.   Join us March 16-18 at the Marie Joseph Center for a weekend of “Listening to God.”  You’ll have time to pray, rest, get to know others, and spend some quiet time with God. Interested? Email Pastor Steve.

Family resources.  Find prayers and prayerful practices for families to use during Lent on Dr. Elizabeth’s web site.

I hope you’ll join us in deepening your prayer life this Lent by participating in at least one of these prayer activities.   In addition, I want you to know that during Lent I will pray for every single person in this church—or anyone who asks me to— one by one.

Deep blessings,
Pastor Steve

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