Pastor’s reflection: Giving Thanks

Dearly Beloved,

Grace and Peace to you.

On Thanksgiving Day as I consider all for which I am grateful, I give thanks for you people.  For all of you who give so much to one another and to the church and to the world, I am grateful. For your gifts and your presence and your spirits, I give thanks.  For the courage with which you make your journey in life and share that journey with each other and support each other in that, I am grateful.  And I’m grateful for your patience and forgiveness with me, your willingness to receive my gifts and hold me accountable and go on the journey with me. I am grateful that God has given us this odd, challenging, life-giving gift of the church. I give thanks for all the spiritual gifts God has given each one of us, all different, and all needed.  I am grateful that God has given us to one another.  I pray that gratitude, humility and joy will fill our hearts, and that our thanks will take form in giving, in prayer and service and love and justice for all the world.

For all that is, I say to God: We thank you; we trust your grace, and we ask your blessing.

Deep blessings,
Pastor Steve
A Thanksgiving prayer:
You who are the Mystery at the heart of all things,
Source of all that is,
to you we give thanks.
For the gift of Creation, and the wonder of this world,
we thank you.
For for every creature and the web of all living things
to which we belong, we thank you.
For the gift of life, and the miracle that we are here today,
we thank you.
For gifts of sight and hearing, the gift of movement and touch,
and for all the wonders that we behold, we thank you.
For all the people who have blessed us, we thank you.
For all our loved ones, for any who have taught us, helped us,
loved us, accompanied us or prayed for us, we thank you.
For the food we eat, and all those around the world who provide it,
we thank you.
May our gratitude overflow to others,
especially those who do not have what we do;
may our thanks take form in giving
and in working for the world you intend for us.
O God, fountain of our souls and earth of our lives,
we thank you,
and pray that we may always live in humility, gratitude and joy.

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