Pastor’s Reflection: The constancy of God

The constancy of God

As deftly and finally as one pulls out a thread
someone is weaving them, gracefully tying them,
minute and irreversible.

In the towering sky, even under the fortress,
root tendrils muscle through
an abyss we had been told was absolute.

No enormity of terror
can keep up
with the steady, unseen healing.

Before the assault, the horrible wound,
gaping and exposed,
the stitching has already begun.

Even as we sigh in our own world,
moving on, separate,
we are being sewn in.

In the earthquake, the collapsing mountains,
not a bit of rubble falls, even from the temple,
without becoming temple.

If you could hold your immortal soul
in your hands, you would hardly recognize it
from one moment to the next.

Your grave is already empty.


— Pastor Steve

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