Pastor’s reflection: Practice love

Dearly Beloved,

Grace and peace to you.

God help me in this season of Lent
to repent in your Spirit:
to remember your love,
even more than my sins.
To know I stand with an outstretched cup
in the downpour of your love.
To pour out that love that can’t end
and can never run out

on every person I meet.
Let me practice at church:
not to get my way but to care,
not to be right but to be loving,
not to speak more than I listen.
Help me practice forgiveness on my friends
and on my enemies alike,
and practice praying for those who oppose me.
Help me to trust your infinite grace,
your hope for us, your future for us.
Let this be my Lenten practice:
to practice love, to practice love, to practice love.
Jesus, walk with me.
Give me your love
to share with humility and joy.


Deep blessings,
Pastor Steve

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