Pastor’s Reflection: Deep

Dearly Beloved,

Grace and peace to you.




I like deep things, oh yeah,
I like deep things.
I like deep joy,
deep thoughts,
deep dish pizza,
the deep end.
Sure enough,
deep is for me.
Oceans, voices,
wisdom, feelings,
pockets and
Deep and wide.
Someone singing deep bass, and
a deep pan of fudge.
Deep into the day.
Waters, rumblings,
space and darkness,
snow, meditation,
give me deep any day.
Even longings, and losses,
and mystery.
That’s what makes things
so deep, after all.
Yeah, give me deep,
always deep, even
And, when it’s time,
six feet deep.
Because that’s where you are,
deep in things.
Ain’t no other where to be.


Deep blessings,
Pastor Steve

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