Pastor’s reflection: You belong

Dearly Beloved,

Grace and peace to you.

Remember today that you belong.
Trust your place in the world:
not just a station among humans,
a location in the machine of your city,
but a place in Creation.

You can’t lose your place.
You are part of the weave of the world,
like a member in a family, a part in a quartet,
a word in a sentence, a thread in a tapestry.

The foolish do not believe this.
They think of the world as separate from you.
The oblivious will never see your place,
never recognize your belonging.
They only see people as packing,
to fill in around what matters to them.
They are blind. Ignore their cynicism.
Creation rejoices to include you.

It doesn’t matter how ordinary you are;
God put you here for her own delight,
for her own purposes, not someone else’s.
It doesn’t matter that you know that purpose;
your simply being here fulfills it.
It doesn’t matter how small you are;
you fill God’s heart.
The universe knows your name.
Remember today that you belong.

Deep blessings,
Pastor Steve

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